Psilocybin experiences are unique to the individual. Research shows that psilocybin supports an increase in overall well-being, an increase in positive mood, greater connectedness within yourself and with others, a reduction in stress and worry, and more. The use of psilocybin has shown to have positive effects on a number of mental and emotional conditions including those experiencing anxiety and depression, the chronically illaddictionsmoking cessation, and more.

Omnia Group Ashland has a dedicated team of richly experienced and licensed facilitators. Our team participates in ongoing education and consultation in order to continue refining industry best practices as related to psilocybin treatment. We work with our Director of Facilitation and Advisory Board to provide you a safe and beneficial experience.

Omnia Group provides a free initial informational consultation to answer your questions and explain the steps involved in the process. We can discuss your unique goals, timing, and next steps. There is no obligation to participate in services.

Oregon state guidelines provide a roadmap for the basic requirements of a psilocybin experience which include Preparation, the Psilocybin Experience Session, and Integration of your session. You will work with your selected Facilitator to customize the experience in the way that best supports you. 

One-on-one sessions, including careful preparation and integration sessions and facilitation from an experienced licensed facilitator average $2000-$2400 for a complete service package, with the possibility of sliding scale as determined by your facilitator. Omnia Group Ashland and our facilitators are strong advocates for equitable access to psilocybin services and offer reduced fee or pro bono sessions to those who qualify. Schedule an informational call to discuss further.

Small group sessions (2 or more participants) are less expensive per participant, as associated costs can be shared. Facility and room costs for preparation sessions, the psilocybin journey, and integration sessions are $600 per person for groups of 2, and $500 for groups of 3 or more, plus a facilitator fee.

During the informational call we will discuss the best potential experience for you, costs associated, and selection of the best facilitator to guide the process. Any questions you have will be answered to help understand the potential impact of a psilocybin experience, and how best to navigate it.

Omnia Group Ashland will offer one-on-one experiences, small group experiences, and micro dosing groups paired with calming and integrative experiences. More information regarding micro dosing services and groups will be available soon!

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For many who have experienced the benefits of therapeutic psilocybin, they have reported an increase in an overall sense of wellness, increased focus and clarity, connection to others, and an increased connection with their own selves.

The use of psilocybin has shown to have positive effects on a number of mental and emotional conditions including those experiencing anxiety and depression, the chronically ill, addiction, smoking cessation, and more.

There are some conditions that we do not advise combining with psilocybin. Omnia Group Ashland does not recommend psilocybin services if you

  • have ever been diagnosed with active psychosis or are being treated for active psychosis.
  • have a family member diagnosed with or in treatment for psychosis.
  • are currently pregnant.
  • are breastfeeding for a child younger than 6 months.
  • have heart conditions.
  • have epilepsy or another seizure-causing condition.
  • have had an aneurysm.
  • have taken a prescription drug containing lithium in the last 30 days.
  • are having thoughts of causing harm to yourself or others.

If the above does not apply to you or you have questions regarding any of the above information, schedule a consultation to talk more about our services.