Psilocybin is generally considered safe, but there are some risks. One potential risk of psilocybin is having an experience which can include feeling uncomfortable within yourself or your environment. It is a benefit of journeying with a licensed, skilled psilocybin facilitator who can support you through these feelings. Also, psilocybin does temporarily raise blood pressure. Our screening questions help to identify if you have potential contraindications, and if you have any health concerns about ingesting psilocybin, we will encourage you to talk to your doctor first.

Psilocybin mushrooms produce changes in consciousness, mood, perception, and sensory experience. These changes can last anywhere between 2–8 hours. The intensity of the journey is directly related to the dose consumed and the strength of the mushrooms in terms of their psilocybin content.

A commonly reported effect is that the mind seems to become more open under the influence of psilocybin and sensory experience can become very intense.

This means things which a person would normally find aesthetically pleasing (art, nature, music) can become far more beautiful on psilocybin, but it can also mean that normal sensory experience can become overwhelming. Being in a crowded place like a street or a nightclub, for example, can become difficult because of the sheer amount of sensory input which can easily overwhelm the mind and the senses. The optimum physical setting for a psilocybin mushroom experience is somewhere comfortable and one that feels safe, where the amount of sensory input is low or can be controlled.

Psilocybin use is legal in Oregon under Measure 109 which is regulated by the Oregon Health Authority. Although adult facilitated use of psilocybin is legal in Oregon, psilocybin is still federally classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. In Oregon anyone 21 years of age or over can obtain psilocybin services, for any reason. No diagnosis or prescription is needed. Clients must, however, participate in a preparation session with a licensed psilocybin facilitator before consuming the product in a licensed service center. Additionally, we will discuss with you any potential reasons why psilocybin may not be appropriate for you at this time. See our Services page for more information regarding contraindications.

If you are on the drug Lithium, you are required to taper off for 30 days before accessing services. We ask that you consult with your doctor regarding pursuing psilocybin services, or we can suggest several doctors who can provide you with a fee-based consultation. One of these is the Spirit Pharmacist, Dr. Ben Malcolm, who is an expert in pharmacological interactions with psychedelics. Speak with your facilitator for more information.

Omnia Group Ashland can accommodate one-on-one sessions, as well as groups up to 8. We have facilitators who specialize in couples and family experiences, and you will find that journeying with friends and family can deepen connections and communication. We look forward to working with you to accommodate your ideal journey and can work with you to customize and plan as well.
A psilocybin journey can be up to 7 hours depending on dosage. Your facilitator will guide you through what to bring, what to wear, and how to prepare for your day. The session will occur in a private room, unless you have signed up for a group session. We have 2 single-use restrooms available for clients, and an outdoor atrium for some fresh air during your journey. Your facilitator will be with you throughout the session to help you navigate the center and offer support. The Oregon Health Authority code does not allow clients to drive after their session. You will work with your facilitator to create a transportation plan.

By using a HIPAA compliant client portal, we can send paperwork to be completed and signed electronically. You can meet with your facilitator through Telehealth video conference to complete your preparation sessions prior to arrival. We suggest at a minimum arriving the day before your scheduled administration/journey day and planning to stay the night of your journey as well to give yourself time to rest and reflect before traveling. 

Medford International Airport is a short 15 minutes from Ashland, and there are many lodging and restaurant options in Ashland. Please go to the Visit tab on the website and click the link to the “Visit Ashland” brochure, which was created by the Chamber of Commerce. Here you will find Transportation options, Lodging, Restaurants, and Activities available in Ashland. You will find that this is an ideal town for accessing psilocybin services and enjoying the beautiful and relaxed ambiance of this historic community.

“Set” refers to a person’s mindset, intentions, and emotional state before and during a psilocybin journey. “Setting” refers to the physical environment, atmosphere, and supportive elements during the experience. Both set and setting play a crucial role in shaping the quality and outcomes of a psilocybin journey. Omnia Group Ashland has created a quiet, private, and comfortable natural setting to support your psilocybin journey.

The psilocybin treatment consists of three parts as required by the Oregon Health Authority: 

The facility rental, the cost of the psilocybin including a 15% state tax, and the cost of the facilitator. Payment is made directly to the service center for the cost of the room, paid in CASH on the day of treatment for the psilocybin and tax, and paid to the facilitator directly for their services. 

Room rental: $900.00

Psilocybin product: $5.50/mg + 15% tax

Facilitator fees-as independent contractors, facilitators set their own fee. Please refer to their bio on the website for information regarding individual costs.

Insurance does not cover these services currently, although we are hopeful that it will be covered in the not-too-distant future.

Psilocybin services are costly, and we are constantly working to make our services more accessible to those with limited means. Our group sessions are priced to allow for costs to be divided among the participants, which makes the per person cost much less than in a one-on-one session. We currently have a waitlist for individuals looking for a group experience, or you can create your own group. 

There are several non-profit organizations that are working to help with scholarships or a reduction of fees, and Omnia Group Ashland has a Pay It Forward program for those who are in a financial position to provide support to others seeking services.

Some facilitators have sliding scales or scholarships, speak with your facilitator if cost is a barrier for you.

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